building an extension on a doctors surgery

Quite a standard foundation really, the 125mm concrete slab is poured onto visqueen, which is laid over 100mm kingspan insulation with a 25mm kingspan perimeter insulation…Now we will cut cavities and form the vertical DPC where the new extension meets the existing building

Superstructure next!

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Extension and Part Internal Refurbishment to Doctors Surgery

The Year Starts Busy!, Here we have commenced building and extension works on a Doctors Surgery in Stoke on Trent, Working to Primary Care Trust Guidelines we have limited time to complete the project. In addition the surgery is not allowed to close during the works so we will be working weekends and evenings at […]

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Charity White Collar Boxing Match

What a great night at the boxing last night!, In aid of the charity “little Hearts” Andrew Ashton ( also widely known as Tanner) and cousin Darren Ashton ( former midlands boxing champ & looking after the red corner on the night) of Viking Fitness organised a “White Collar” Boxing event held at Jumping Jacks […]

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Short Promo Video!

Welcome to our new short promotional video that is due to be featured on the builders section at

Mason & Mason Builders are Back!

Well we never went anywhere really, its just that blogging had to take a back step whilst we were so busy concentrating on our works in hand and other exciting things in the pipeline.

Soon you will see that there have been many updates to our projects in hand…which will appear before this may even […]

2nd fixes, kitchen and sanitary ware at lightwood

I love it when we take a project through to full completion stage, so often people choose to decorate themselves and we miss the opportunity to see a finished project. At lightwood Jim and Carol have painstakingly spent weeks choosing light fittings, sanitary ware and other fixtures and fittings including wallpapers….a builders dream ( well […]

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Building a Log Cabin at Lightwood, Fitting the Kitchen and Tiling the Bathroom

Always Eager to help, our client was looking to construct a summerhouse / log cabin in the garden at our extension and renovation project in lightwood stoke on trent. We were happy to supply our joiners Russ and Russ ( yes its very confusing !) to help out whilst we were busy inside fitting the […]

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Extension, Kitchen remodel, and installation of sliding bi-fold doors

Some Pictures of our 2 storey extension, installation of sliding bi-fold doors, and kitchen remodel by our kitchen partner Mirella from Simmer – Il put a case study together soon so that you can see the extent of the works in one easy to read post

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Congleton extension, garage conversion and porch extension

With the external envelope complete to all 3 extensions of living space, our next task is to carry out internal finishes, with our client having quite specific requirements relating to network cabling and media requirements we are in the process of discussing the optimum approach to future proof our media installation.




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Installing Aluminium Sliding Bi-Folding Doors at Scholar Green

Here you can see the installation of the aluminium sliding bi-fold doors. you can see that we installed a ring beam of RSJ with a supporting post in the corner to cary the loads imposed by the tiled roof over. The Post was powder coated to match the finish of the doors, and the doors […]

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Extension and renovation at Lightwood stoke on trent

Progressing nicely at lightwood, our single storey extension and full internal renovation has reached roofed in and plaster stage. Soon we will be laying the pipework to the underfloor heating system and laying the sand and cement floor screed

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2 storey extension at Scholar Green Shell Complete

Our 2 storey extension at Scholar Green, Cheshire is weathertight, the scaffold is dropped, the windows are fitted, and the glass juliet balcony has been fitted at the rear…internally its all happening with the removal of the kitchen, internal walls, etc etc…follow this one to see the installation of the aluminium bi-folding doors…

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Garage conversion, porch and roof at congleton – busy builders!

We are builders in stoke on trent and cheshire that deliver on our promises! as we said a little while ago, we would be getting along with the other aspects of this building project, namely the garage conversion and the porch construction and here are the images to show you….in a few days this one […]

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Roof trusses at scholar green

Its only a small extension at scholar green, but once opened up internally it creates a fantastic bedroom extension and also provides a quite sizeable utility extension. Although there arent many roof trusses in this one ( more girder, infill and mono trusses ) it helped overcome certain structural complications and made the job a […]

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Builders in lightwood, staffordshire – fixing roof trusses

What a lovely roof!, we seem to have had a run of extensions where roof trusses have been the most sensible approach given structural implications on the project. On this single storey extension in stoke on trent the trusses helped us overcome the necessity for a ring purlin supported on steels…although a more expensive option […]

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