Extension in Parkhall, Stoke on Trent

Our extension in Parkhall has now been successfully completed. An interesting extension where the rear elevation is semi – submerged below ground. the extension has extended two bedrooms to great effect allowing our client more room for family and guests.

It was a pleasure working with Mrs Lawton our first project supervisor of pensionable age! […]

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Extension and full renovation at lightwood

Now awaiting roof trusses our lounge / kitchen extension and full internal refurbishment is in full swing!…soon the roof trusses will be delivered, the windows fitted and the joinery, electrical and plumbing first fixes will advance……..

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Not Far from roof trusses on our single storey extension at congleton

As you can see our single storey lounge and office extension is approaching roof stage, but our building services in congleton don’t end here on this job!, we now have a garage conversion and front porch to commence, keep an out out over the next week or so for our progress!

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Moving onward and upward at congleton

Now that the beams are on, we can move forward swiftly with the superstructure brickwork on our extension at Congleton. Opposed to a concrete slab, we opted for a designed beam and block floor – offering speed and convenience, it also presents the perfect solution for the potential problem of ground heave – quite simply […]

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Extension and internal renovations at lightwood

With the internal floors concreted, now its time for mason and mason construction solutions to move forward with the single story living room and kitchen extension to the rear. We have installed the beam / block floor, and now we progress with the superstructure….a few days and this one will be ready for the roof.

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New Extension @ Scholar Green, Cheshire

Yet another new extension for us over in the Cheshire area..although we haven’t started this one from scratch we are certainly more than happy to take it over from foundation stage and look forward to taking it through to completion.

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Parkhall 1st fixed and ready for plaster

Parkhall is nearing completion… you can see the internals are ready for plaster, and we have commenced the landscaping works to create a more friendly environment for our client…a week or so and this ones done and dusted….NEXT!

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Extension and internal renovation at lightwood

Now the beam and block floor is installed at lightwood the team at Mason & Mason Construction Solutions can carry on with the large kitchen extension at the rear., two or three days and this one will be ready for the roof…then we can get the plot secure and hit the internals!

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We dont “just” build with Bricks!!

I was recently contacted by 2 very special young ladies….very young to be honest….age 3!, they were fed up with visiting DIY stores looking at new playhouses only to be presented with overpriced and substandard offerings…..Biba and Sisley Mason wanted a playhouse that fitted their very strict furniture requirements.. ( play kitchen, table and chairs […]

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Concrete Pumping at Congleton

in the “good old days” we would have about 6 men and 6 wheelbarrows to perform this operation….now we have the luxury of minimicks! go boldly where the concrete waggon cant fit! a couple of men, half an hour or so, and its job done! stage – brickwork to dpc, and floor beams fixed

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Internal renovation and extension at lightwood

Lightwood is progressing both internally and externally, here you can see that after removing all of the internal timber floors, we imported clean stone, compacted it in layers and now we pump in 150mm of concrete….i think i should buy a concrete pump of my own the amount of times ive used on lately!

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Minipiling extension foundations at congleton

The Piles are driven ( surprisingly down to just over 3.00m ), and here you can see the ring beam which is hand made using reinforcement bars to the piling contractors structural design. Prior to the placing of concrete we surround the ring beam with “clayboard” a man made compressible form of polystyrene which compresses […]

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Fun time! – The only flying Builder in Stoke on Trent?









You may be forgiven for thinking that i work 24 hrs a day 7 days a week as a builder in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire….and sometimes it feels like that!, but no, occasionally i get to spend some time with my friends, and this is what i do when the weather is right! Its amazing […]

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Arty with the iphone!!









Out of all my gadgets and gizmos that i own and have owned, my favourite one has to be the iphone 4. The camera quality, the apps, the phone styling, and the whole apple experience to which i am now a full convert, is amazing…. Orange signal quality in stoke on trent….well thats a whole […]

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Lightwood Renovation and Extension

As usual, we have got stuck right into the project at lightwood, in the space of 2 working weeks, we have completely taken the bungalow back to brick and removed all floors, demolished outbuilding and garage and carried out brickwork to DPC on the extension, and replaced all of the internal 75 x 50 ceiling […]

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