builders mason and mason are fixing RSJ's into an extension in staffordshire

WOW!, yes we have installed bigger and heavier steel RSJ’s into projects but usually with the assistance of a crane!
Over at penkridge the HUGE 8 metres long 457 x 191 x 98kg/m steels are posing a challenge!
Due to access arrangements and the on-site practicalities i have instructed the structural engineer to redesign the steels incorporating joints to split the steels into 3 along the length. The steels in conjunction with heavy lifting gear and rollers are then being carefully manoeuvred into position. Placement is critical, as is the careful propping of the existing house – the steels will carry the entire width of the property, the new extension and an internal wall too.

wheres anika rice when you need her?

if you can’t find anika either, and you need a builder to undertake a construction project in stoke on trent, staffordshire, cheshire or shropshire, why not try mason and mason instead? 😉