Fixing RSJ into Extension

To move the huge steels round to the rear we lay steel rollers on the floor and slid each piece round…Due to the incredible weight of the steels we commissioned our structural engineer to design 2 joints into each piece enabling us to split the huge 8m span into more manageable bite size chunks!…even then they were hard work, Big thank you goes to the team for managing this feat of strength whilst i had my nails done at the local nail salon…i couldn’t get out of the appointment sorry team!
Joking apart, you can see the inner RSJ in place here, and this isn’t the end of it, we have to bolt another one to the face of it ( not the steel spacers ) and then two more perpendicular to it to carry the external 2 storey extension, and one more internally to carry an internal load bearing wall.

Thankyou team!