Another project in association with our architectural partner JPK Design As a builder covering Stoke on Trent and Cheshire, we are most commonly approached to carry out projects from start to finish however, in the case of Mr B who has a good building knowledge and a network of friends in the trade, we were happy to take the project to “shell” stage only.

As any good builder, it was important to find a suitable brick and roof tile match for the project, obviously the original brick has not been manufacturer for many many years.

We employed the services of a time served brick matcher, who suggested a 73mm Ibstock Class B Engineering brick as being a suitable match, but equally as important is the mortar colour, if we left it natural, then it would be too bright against the dated property, so we opted for a slight dye addition with the mortar to tone it down slightly.

Similarly, with roof tiling it is important that the extension matches as best possible to the existing. Although you wouldnt know it, the original tiles on the roof are a actually a clay tile known as staffordshire reds…and yes, once upon a time they were red!
In this instance we managed to reclaim some existing tiles from a small outbuilding that we demolished, and from the main roof where we joined the new to the old.
We used the reclaimed tiles on the front (most visible) elevation and opted for a Marley Antique Brown plain sandfaced tile on all other elevations. Although the existing tiles were actually smooth finish at the time of installation the years of algae build up and weathering give them a sandfaced appearance.
We were happy with the match, but more importantly so was the client!
After the roof was tiled, and the scaffold dropped we handed over to the client to install the new PVCu windows after which point we then tackled the internal load bearing wall removal.

Then for us, this project is complete and we handed over to Mr B to complete.