Another project in association with our architectural partner JPK Design, Mr & Mrs B wanted a builder with the depth of workforce and experience to carry out a detailed project..

Mr & Mrs B were looking to carry out quite extensive works on the family home. Happy to assist we provided a detailed breakdown of costs split into the 3 main areas as follows:

  • Convert existing double garage into a new bedroom and en-suite
  • Supply and erect new Oak Framed carport
  • Extend the kitchen area at first floor level

In addition to the above we were able to assist Mr & Mrs B with the supply of a new kitchen by our partner company Simmer in style – and have taken on the project management and installation role to keep the project moving forward without delay.

The topography of the dwelling ( split level ) has certainly led to a challenge on this project – especially as the foundations ( at first floor level ) had to be excavated by hand in preparation for the minipiling contractors. However Mason & Mason enjoy a challenge!..there is no such this as a problem on our projects – we like to think of them as situations requiring a solution!

Project works included but were not limited to:

  • Convert existing double garage into a large bedroom with en-suite
  • Install new drainage & new heating system to accommodate the works
  • Minipile ground prior to the construction of the extension at first floor level
  • Form new kitchen, dining and separate utility room
  • Supply and erect new Oak Framed carport with cedar shingled roof tiles

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