Recommendations are always the best enquiries for Mason & Mason Construction Solutions, and after completing a similar project for friends of our client we were delighted to be asked to provide a quotation for this exciting home extension.

Our Client wanted to entend the Victorian family home to create one large amalgamated space that would incorporate kitchen, dining and living areas all in one, however there was a stipulation that all materials used were to match the existing property – by reclaiming existing and travelling to Normanton brick works in Sheffield we we able to source materials that achieved the desired criteria.

Using our suggested architectural partner JPK Design our client was able to discuss the various options considered available, and plans were drawn and submitted to us for quotation.

At the same time, and as the clients were looking to replace the kitchen for a contemporary version we were pleased to recommend Simmer in style – our partnered kitchen studio and plans for an exciting german kitchen were drawn.

The project was undertaken on time, without interruption and on budget.

Project works included but were not limited to:

  • Construct extension complete
  • Remove existing external wall to provide open access into the new extension
  • Remove internal chimey and other internal loadbearing walls
  • Relocate the existing boiler to be housed in the new kitchen layout
  • Entend the heating and electrical circuits to the new extension and refurbished areas
  • Provide photo-realistic projections on the proposed kitchen
  • Project manage and co-ordinate the kitchen installation