builders boxing eventWhat a great night at the boxing last night!, In aid of the charity “little Hearts” Andrew Ashton ( also widely known as Tanner) and cousin Darren Ashton ( former midlands boxing champ & looking after the red corner on the night) of Viking Fitness organised a “White Collar” Boxing event held at Jumping Jacks Nightclub in Hanley ( seriously sticky floors! )

With 3 members of the Mason & Mason Team fighting on the night a great night was had….first to fight of the 3 was Will “The Preacher” Slater ( one of our bricklaying team )- Will fought a tough fight against a fiery opponent with short but seriously fast arms!….lasting well and fighting vigourously throughout the 3 rounds we are all proud of you Will!! Following “The Preacher” came Wayne “Pain” Barnet ( one of our plastering team ) aptly named Wayne came out launching a pain inducing torrent of blows upon his opponent….im sure tanner had to tell Wayne to ease off a little…It is a charity event after all!! Then we get to Ben ” The Stark Destroyer” Starkey…the last fight of the evening, i could see that ben hadnt shaved his legs for some time for this fight….and what a fight it was….i heard through the mason vine ( our own internal gossip system headed by Karl ” No secrets safe with me” Hough, that bens opponent was going in for the knockout….it was apparent after round one that maybe that wasn’t going to happen and a lot of energy was used by his opponent….leaving “Ten Men Ben – the Stark Destroyer” to destroy him in the 3rd round…Tanner throwing in the towel to stop the fight as it was apparent who the winner was.

Im not sure how much was raised for the Little Hearts Charity on the night, But i hope it was alot as this was a seriously entertaining evening.

White Collar Boxing is open to all ages, and organised by many gyms throughout the country….the object to take an ordinary person and in 12 weeks take them to a level of skill and fitness to enter the ring for 3 one and a half minute rounds. the question is….. will i fighting soon??