I am pleased to say that we enter 2011 with a head start, with 4 projects ending, 3 ongoing projects, and many projects in the costing tray.

At this stage of the year, its difficult to gauge how things are going to develop. One thing is for sure, i have never seen so many “builders” popping up within stoke on trent. Where are they all coming from? and are they truly qualified to advertise as builders? or is it the case that people see the building industry as an easy way of making a quick buck, after all its a difficult time for many families as job losses and redundancies hit staffordshire hard, the new housing market isnt showing signs of recovery and many previous site workers are forced to go and find new work. When you choose a builder for YOUR project, make sure you do your background checks and take up references, make sure that the builder is capable of handling the technical aspects of the job, and never hand over any money up front…..if your builder cant afford to buy materials for your job, what happens when something goes wrong?

I will be developing a page of advice for choosing a builder soon…..check back!